Lease Acquisition

Our Experienced Landmen will hit the ground running on ANY day-rate or commission project. We first provide our clients with a thorough consultationon prospect areas and land acquisition strategies. Whether your project comprises of acquiring large tracts or subdivisions, our method is to deploy Agents who will bring you the land you need at the price you want to pay!

Our Land Agents are the Local Representatives for our Clients and therefore hire only the most knowledgeable, courteous and diligent professionals in this important capacity – people who respect both the landowner and the land. We insist on the highest levels of integrity from our Landmen who reflect both the image of Brighton Resources and that of your Company.

With the enormous amount of publicity that has come recently to the Oil and Gas Business, maintaining good public relations has never been more critical. The training and attitude of our Landmen, combined with their tenacity, negotiating skills and honesty makes for a winning combination that represent the very Best Practices in our Industry.