Abstract and Title Research

Abstract & Title Research

How many times have you received files from abstracting companies where you have been forced to wade through reams of paper, ambiguous language and incomplete run sheets to render your opinion?

Brighton Land Management has a staff of analytical and detail-oriented Abstractors as well as a network of skillful and experienced reviewers with state and county-specific knowledge to ensure your searches are accurate, clear, and concise.

Quality title work is the foundation of every successful oil and gas project. Substantial and unique differences in laws, customs and regulations from state to state – and even county to county – demand local and specialized knowledge.

We can mobilize individuals or teams of abstractors to do title work on whatever scale you require. Whether you need a single title examination from another state or county or have a long-term project, we can meet your abstracting needs.

We specialize in the following services:

Full Title Examinations for Certified Title Opinions

  • Digital and hard copies with cover reports, run sheets, GIS, current and historical maps, flow charts, assessment data and copies of all relevant documents including state oil and gas well reports.
  • Our review team will work thoroughly with your Oil & Gas Attorneys to ensure all data needed is acquired.
  • Searches back to Patent or Time-Specific Parameters.
  • Complete descriptions and breakdowns of mineral, surface, and leasehold ownerships.
  • Complete breakdown calculation of working interest, overriding royalty interests and net revenue interest.


  • We can target your specified area and provide you with all relevant takeoff information including mineral, surface and leasehold ownerships in digital and hard copies so that you can get your team of landmen into the field with accurate and timely data.

Due Diligence

  • We compile thorough and complete mineral ownership reports that are of paramount importance to our Clients in their pursuit of third party trades and acquisitions.
  • Never promising something we can’t deliver.
  • Always meeting our clients Due Diligence deadlines.


  • We are highly practiced in the complex task of tracing back and bringing forward mineral reservations that have been fractionally divided and procuring current and accurate ownership reports for our clients.
  • Creating interactive flow charts that illustrate and easily explain heirships.